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Expeditions in Learning

Bringing educational technology and subject matter expertise to leaders on the water.

Hayley Shephard VP Expedition Operations, Polar Latitudes

"Kit with Seaworthy is truly the best; organized, professional, and attentive. She is savvy with technology I took her through the project I had in mind, Kit was intuitive and quickly understood the big picture. Her creative ideas enhanced the end product. She was completely dedicated and devoted to the project and completed it within the time frame we established."
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What We Do

Cost Effective Training

We leverage sound instructional design principles, the science of learning, and savvy technology in the creation of highly effective training tools. You can build libraries of dynamic and engaging courses and multimedia online learning resources that prepare, organize, and educate your staff.

Online Learning Hubs

We help you to centralize your company's learning, communications, and messaging to support remote teams before, during, and after operations with a highly organized and intuitive Learning Management System for your organization.

Customized Learning

We ensure you get high returns on your investment in an eLearning platform with specific and tailored course content. Blending subject matter expertise and tech know-how, we eliminate the need for expensive content developers and rigid, overly engineered learning management systems.

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